“I will work with all my skill and passion to astonish my guests and partners time and time again”

“I will work with all my skill and passion to astonish my guests and partners time and time again”

“A cook who has reinvented himself.”

Gourmetkritik.de, 19.12.2013

“If, like Christian Jürgens, you keep fit by jogging and skiing, you also develop sporting ambitions in the kitchen. He has adopted the tactic of counter-pressing from his favourite club Borussia Dortmund, which does not allow any standstill and always strives forwards with a certain creative aggressiveness. Which means that this year again, he is up there playing ball with the best in Germany…”

Gault Millau, 2017

“Tegernsee acorns and stones. What sounds so banal can be extremely sophisticated, especially if it’s not what it seems.”

Falstaff/News: Auftakt zu den Nespresso Gourmetweeks, 2014

“The experts praise Christian Jürgens because he is incredibly creative – and yet down-to-earth. His speciality: to create something new and surprising from local ingredients and recipes.”

FIT FOR FUN, 13. November 2013

“At the same time the Westphalian is a follower of the, let’s call it, appearance and substance technique – a form of presentation that plays entertainingly with the expectations that the appearance of a dish awakens.”

Weltwoche, 1/2014

“Jürgens cooks with a burning heart and always has a sparkle in his eyes – it always has to be a blast.”

Der Feinschmecker, 19.12.2013

“Only a few chefs display such sensitivity. Finesse and taste are beyond doubt, the presentation is world class – this is creative modern cuisine à la Christian Jürgens! The service lives up to the same level: guests are taken care of very carefully and professionally.”

Guide Michelin, 2017

“One of the most startling moments of the last season was the announcement that Christian Jürgens was to leave the Tegernsee shortly – which fortunately turned out to be a hoax and let us breathe a sigh of relief. The visits to the picturesquely situated Überfahrt at the Tegernsee are some of the absolute highlights every year. This is due to the enormous quality of what is offered, but above all to the style of the person in charge, who knows how to combine catchy, striking ideas and finely differentiated finesse like almost no other.”

Gusto, 2017


A great title for an article about caviar that is very worthwhile reading. By SZ editor Patricia Böhm. Here is a short excerpt: "The sturgeon mousse melts on the tongue as light as a feather, the cucumber and green gin fizz refresh the taste buds and let them...

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Still no ideas for the festive season? Indra and Wolfgang Leikermoser from the Guten Morgen Bayern team were guests of Christian Jürgens and cooked the Antenne Bayern Christmas menu together with him. Three courses of pure enjoyment which were also something everyone...

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 "Christian Jürgens creates true works of art. Like a stage designer, he creates the framework for taste experiences. It would almost be an outrage not to photograph them in order to make such delectable memories more sustainable. Nature is his role model, passion his...

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Not only the passion for cooking is what drives Christian Jürgens on a daily basis. His enthusiasm for the job also motivates him anew every day. Whether it's running a few laps or powering out in the gym – for him sport is the ideal balance to his stressful job. Also...

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The summer has already shown its hottest side several times this year. So who doesn't like the idea of light cuisine? For Wir in Bayern Christian Jürgens was inspired by Thai cuisine on 17 July. With Hendlbrust (chicken breast), peanuts, fine spices and green...

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In the current ranking by Restaurant-Ranglisten.de, the Überfahrt team from the Tegernsee achieved a sensational fourth place. We are very happy about this top position. For the calculation of the world ranking list, the four best grades in the restaurant guides...

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